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Hot Holes
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Hot Holes

RELEASE DATE: 09/30/12



Our main objective here at Satyr Films is to live up to your expectations of what a video fantasy should be. We are all tired of the same, boring porn. The thing that separates us from the rest is the INTENSITY that we get from our performers. We NEED the RAW and the EXTREME. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE MEN, AND THAT'S WHAT BEING A MAN IS ALL ABOUT!


Scene 1:   Straight football player Max is back for some more throatfucking and assfucking. He was previously with Rock where he was introduced to the wonderful world of cock and mansex. He gurgled and gasped as Rock shoved his fat cock down his throat. 

This time Rock continues the throatfucking but will soon fuck Max for the very first time. Max has a girlfriend who has no idea her boyfriend is getting destroyed by our resident Satyr. 

Rock stands above Max where he shoves his thick monster down Max's throat. Max is crying as he desperately tries to breath with 8 inches of manmeat filling his gullet. Rock then shoves the glass funnel up his ass so we can see the amazing view of his rectum and sphincter. Rock has got one of the most beautiful holes in porn. He is sexy and masculine and really knows how to display his assets to maximum effect. 

Rock then gets Max on his back where he lubes up his hole for the coming ass assault. Max squirms and groans as his sphincter is stretched for the very first time by Rock's cock. He trembles and shakes as Rock rips open his sphincter. 

Rock then shoves his cock into Max's mouth from his recently fucked asshole. Max is not a screamer but his face is priceless as he tries to resist the big rod. He tries to push Rock away but Rock makes him put his hands away. 

Rock then throatfucks Max for an endless session and then finally blows his creamy load deep inside Max's quivering butthole. Max then pushes out Rock's DNA as it trickles down between Max's muscular ass cheeks. Rock really pushes these straight guys to their breaking points. Several of these guys have called Rock and have told him that they now love to get fucked. Rock has obliged them as often as he can. Too bad we have not been able to film these scenes, as they are just two straight guys enjoying each other with what God gave them.

Hot Holes: Scene 1Hot Holes: Scene 1Hot Holes: Scene 1Hot Holes: Scene 1Hot Holes: Scene 1Hot Holes: Scene 1Hot Holes: Scene 1Hot Holes: Scene 1

Scene 2:   Carmen is a straight black guy who is going to suck cock for the first time. He has a bitchy girlfriend who he says will kill him if she finds out. This guy must have a death wish. Rock, our resident Satyr relishes these kinds of situations. He loves throatfucking straight guy virgins. He knows what will happen to these guys once he gets a hold of them. 

They all start pretty innocent and pure. Their straight throats and holes have never known the ferocity of Rock's huge cock thrusting and pounding until he lets loose a geyser of cum. 

Carmen struggles with tears coming down his eyes as Rock shoves his monster ever deeper into his throat. Rock loves to break these guys who think that will have some control over the experience. Little do they know that Rock will completely dominate them both physically and psychologically. In many cases, the straight guys spirit has been completely vanquished. 

Rock puts Carmen in many different positions trying to find Carmen's sweet spot. Carmen drools and gasps as the fat dick fills his straight throat. Rock finally blows his enormous signature creamy load into Carmen's straight mouth. Hope the bitch doesn't find out!

Hot Holes: Scene 2Hot Holes: Scene 2Hot Holes: Scene 2Hot Holes: Scene 2Hot Holes: Scene 2Hot Holes: Scene 2Hot Holes: Scene 2Hot Holes: Scene 2Hot Holes: Scene 2

Scene 3:   Max is a hot, straight black stud who answered an ad for some quick cash. Although, he wanted to get into straight porn he realized that he could make more money being "gay for pay". It took a little convincing to get him to suck a dick but after we flashed a wad of cash he agreed.

Rock immediately gets into his master throatfucker mode as soon as he sees Max. Rock especially likes throatfucking straight guys for the first time. His big fat cock is a perfect specimen to accomplish that end. Its girth invariably hits a guy's gag reflex resulting in an immense amount of natural throat lube. Most guys begin okay but soon after the throat pounding begins their faces contort and distort into horrific shapes. 

The gurgling and gagging that follows is super hot as Max's throat tries to protect itself by creating immense amounts of drool. Of course, the more slobbering the more Rock gets motivated to rip open astraight guy's mouth. 

Rock shoves his fat cock down Max's throat. Very soon after the tears and drool flow as Max tries as best he can to accommodate the fat monster. Rock taunts Max with questions about his girlfriend and makes him talk to her on camera in between throat thrusts. 

Max shoves an 8 ball up Rock's hole and then rims him with the ball in his ass. The spittle is everywhere including running into Rock's hole. Max sticks his tongue and fingers into Rock's hole. Rock can finally hold back no more and then he shoves his exploding cock into Max's mouth. Max takes an enormous load into his mouth. He collapses from exhaustion. His throat is now fully coated with Rock's seed as he contemplates his first cock and load.

Hot Holes: Scene 3Hot Holes: Scene 3Hot Holes: Scene 3Hot Holes: Scene 3Hot Holes: Scene 3Hot Holes: Scene 3Hot Holes: Scene 3Hot Holes: Scene 3

Scene 4:   The Dude has a 10-inch cock. Rock immediately gets on his knees and starts deep throating that monster. The Dude then starts sucking Rock's fat cock and deep throats it as well. He moves over to Rock's sweet asshole and sticks his tongue deep inside him. 

The Dude then plows Rock from behind. Rock moans in pain as the 10-inch cock splits his insides open. Rock then gets on his back where he is able to take more ass pounding. 

The Dude then pulls out a 15-inch thick dildo that he proceeds to shove inside Rock's fuckhole. It's really thick head opens up Rock to about 3 inches. Rock's asshole quivers as the huge tool stretches his hole open. The Dude slowly shoves it in and out of his asshole. Rock squirms in agony and pleasure as it ventures in and out of his sweet manhole. The sight of it from below is stunning. His hole is stretched to its limits. 

The Dude fucks Rock some more. Suddenly a bowling pin appears and Rock sits on the enormous head. It must be at least 3 inches in diameter. Rock struggles a bit as the hard head pushes against his tight sphincter. Rock howls in pain as it enters him. He sits on it and allows it to fuck his hole. 

Another beautiful session occurs as Rock is on his back as the Dude moves the bowling pin in and out of Rock's butthole. Rock then orally services the Dude's cock some more. 

Rock's hole is agape with the glass funnel. His insides are incredibly sexy as the place where the cum will eventually find a home. The Dude finally shoots a huge load deep inside Rock. The man jizz oozes out of Rock's hole. 

Rock is ready to explode with his own load so he gets the bowling pin shoved back into his hole. He blows an enormous wad all over himself. He is completely exhausted but extremely happy. That bowling pin is so lucky!

Hot Holes: Scene 4Hot Holes: Scene 4Hot Holes: Scene 4Hot Holes: Scene 4Hot Holes: Scene 4Hot Holes: Scene 4Hot Holes: Scene 4Hot Holes: Scene 4Hot Holes: Scene 4

Scene 5:   Rock Bottom has returned! After what seemed like an eternity, Rock has finally come back to Satyr. We had been trying to get him back into our Satyr lair but he was busy doing other things. So when we heard from him about a month ago we offered him tons of cash to resume his role as our exclusive master throatfucker and overall power bottom. 

He absolutely did not disappoint. It seems as if his manhole was eager to get stretched to its limits and filled with as much man seed as possible. So who else but Gabriel could do the job. When Gabriel and Rock get together there is electricity in the air. Although they both profess to be straight (we have met their girlfriends) you would not know it they way they go at each other's throats and holes. 

In the first part of this scene Rock is the bottom. His fuckhole is filled with billiard balls, chains and finally Gabriel's fist. Rock moans and groans in pain and then ecstasy as Gabriel alternately fucks him with his beautiful hard cock and then his powerful fist. 

Rock takes it like a real man. His sphincter is so tight from being months away from Satyr that it takes Gabriel awhile before he can finally penetrate him up to the wrist. Gabriel then throatfucks Rock who gurgles, gasps and drools like it's first time. 

Finally Gabriel unloads one of his biggest wads we've ever seen! The cum just keeps flowing as it fills Rock's destroyed hole. Rock then collapses as his hole oozes Gabriel's hot jizz. We can't wait for the flip flop part of this scene where Rock fucks Gabriel.

Hot Holes: Scene 5Hot Holes: Scene 5Hot Holes: Scene 5Hot Holes: Scene 5Hot Holes: Scene 5Hot Holes: Scene 5Hot Holes: Scene 5Hot Holes: Scene 5Hot Holes: Scene 5Hot Holes: Scene 5Hot Holes: Scene 5
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