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Bareback Fuck and Gag
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Bareback Fuck and Gag

A Satyr Films Production
Produced and Directed by Chad Ryan and Nick Cutts
Release Date: 06/12/2007
Running Time: 110 Minutes
Standard DVD


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We got an email from a hot BMX motorcycle racer by the name of Erin. His fantasy was to be the bottom boy in what he called a “bareback fuck and gag” film. We thought this was such a great name for a film that we decided to name our next film
“Bareback Fuck and Gag”.

Erin is one sexy man! He has a taut, muscular body that most women would lust after. Too bad, ladies on this day, Erin was the pig bottom slut that was passed around from cock to cock. We started with putting Erin on his back with his mouth wide open for a 15 minute throatfuck. He was choking, gurgling and spewing up buckets of spit.

I think his throat went into defense mode trying to lube itself for the incessant pounding of two feet of thick, throbbing cocks that would just not stop. On several occasions he was pleading for mercy but we misunderstood what he was saying because he was talking with his mouth full. Sorry! Instead we brought in more big dicks to stuff his already stretched to the limit piehole.

He started out with a really nice face but by the end of the throat bang he was completely covered in spit, drool and tears. Now that we had totally destroyed his mug we moved onto his little tight manhole. Now Erin does have one of the sweetest holes we’ve seen in a while. It was a like a little virgin hole that had never seen the light of day. Oh Boy!

The first to poke that hole was none other than one of our returning studs, Alexandre Carino. We, at Satyr Films, discovered him. His debut in adult movies was on our first ever film, Bareback Pornstar Gangbang with Alan Gregory.

Alexandre is a swarthy Latino from Texas who really knows how to use his eight-inch cock. He grabbed a hold of Erin’s bubble butt and without any foreplay rammed his dick deep inside his gut. Erin literally howled in agony as his hole was ripped open.

Rock Bottom is one of our Satyr Exclusive Men. He is always a great performer who gets the other guys going with his manly grunts and groans. Rock is a truly masculine man who just loves getting his hole plowed and his throat reamed.

He just can’t get enough of big thick guy tools that penetrate him up to nine inches from both sides. His favorite moment is when he becomes a human shish kebab skewered by big, fat cocks. He has told us that he has had out-of –body experiences on our film shoots with a nine inch cock down his throat and a ten inch cock up his sweet, sexy hole.

Rock then gets fucked by TJ. TJ is one hot man! He has nine-inch monster that is at least two inches wide. This kid should have a sign on that dick of his that reads “Wide Load”. His dick is way too big for his body.

That cock of his must make up at least ten percent of his body weight. How TJ does not pass out when that tool of his is fully engorged is a mystery to us. One thing that dick does know is how to stretch holes beyond their capacity. Rock’s hole goes from closed to two inches wide after TJ lands that rocket between his butt cheeks.

The action on the bed goes on for about 60 minutes in an all out Bareback Fuck and Gag fest. Charlie, who is making his porn debut with Satyr Films will truly become a star. He has an eight-inch cock that can shoot several loads in just a couple of hours. Charlie came three times during our film shoot. His first cumshot came almost completely unexpected as he could not resist the beauty of Erin’s virgin hole.

The guys then move over to the lazy susan where Rock takes his turn for a few spins around the cocks. He gets plugged from both ends by bulging members.

And then it is Erin’s turn. He truly gets spun around until every dick has been down his throat and up his hole at least three times. The guys are sweating like bucks in heat when one by one they shoot their hot creamy loads all over Erin’s mouth and his now totally destroyed fuckhole. Erin’s hole has gone from teeny tiny to a flaming rosebud.


Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1Bareback Fuck and Gag: Scene 1
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