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It's about two years since we last saw Erin. He is a sexy, straight stud that we first met in CFMH1. He has a girlfriend who thinks that the porn he is doing are solo jackoff scenes. He told us recently that when he was getting throatfucked and fucked in CFMH1 for the first time that his girlfriend was down the street waiting for him at a coffee shop.

While he was getting his throat filled with hot Satyr cock and Satyr juice she was casually sipping a Latte. Meanwhile, he was getting violated and screaming his head off. If she only knew. He came back a few times such as in RHST5 and Bareback Fuck and Gag where he was the main attraction in a 5 man gangbang...


It didn't take long before we were able to get Tyler Dee back to get his virgin hole stretched and filled with our Satyr juice. Tyler is a straight married guy who has found himself in these times to be desperate for cash.

We, at Satyr, ever the charitable guys that we are decided to help this straight stud in need. We, of course, were willing to help him in return for a little bit of male hole punching.

Tyler has a really sweet hole. It was obvious to us that his little sphinchter had never known the beauty of having a big, fat cock plowing its way through. Rock introduced his manmeat to Tyler in a previous throatfucking scene where it was pretty apparent that Tyler had not had a cock down his throat either...


Rock and Gabriel make quite a pair. These two straight studs who have girlfriends have a real chemistry together. Rock was hired to throatfuck Gabriel only but midway through the scene these guys are so into each other that Rock shoves his fat cock deep inside Gabriel. Gabriel is really, sexy masculine guy who really can take a cock well.

Gabriel does the best he can taking Rock's cock deep inside his throat. His face goes from composed to a complete wreck in a matter of minutes. His eyes are red and watery.


Tommy Blair is a young kid from Kentucky who has come to LA to become a star. It didn't take long for him to find his way to the Satyr Studios for his big break. We first convinced Tommy with a load of cash to allow his really straight throat to be pummeled to submission. He was quite the negotiator as this would be his very first time with a man and his first time on camera. And boy does his throat put up a fight!

Tommy had to use the bucket several times in order to get through the scene but he was really desperate for the cash and endured what seemed to be an endless exploration of his mouth by our Satyr cock. He was thrown into every position...


John Adams, this sexy, straight stud is originally from Canada. Being in the country for a couple of years now, John told his girlfriend that he's going to the gym. Instead, he had other plans. John was in a minor car crash a week before, so he needed money to get the car repaired. Fortunately for us all, he wasn't hurt. John and his scene partner, Brandon, start by awkwardly kissing and stroking each other's cocks.

Brandon starts the fun by ordering John to get on his knees as he shoves his black rod inside this straight boy's mouth. Raw and intense gagging is heard as Brandon tell John "How does that feel dude?". John gets his chance for payback by putting Brandon of his knees to return the favor...


This sexy stud is so incredibly hot! The accent, the looks, the friendly smile. Everything about Mario just says SEX! We welcome this straight guy back for some more Satyr FUN! We filled his manhole with our Satyr load in "Cum Filled Manholes 2" now it was time for us to do the same to his gorgeous throat. We stuffed his mouth with pounds of Satyr cock as a tear falls down from his beautiful right eye. Mario was great to throat fuck. The chemistry between his throat and our cock was incredible...


Karsin is a hot straight, black stud who answered our ad. He is desperate for cash as so often happens with these straight guys who insist on keeping these expensive women on the side. So, alas, these poor straight guys have to get their throats and manholes pounded by our resident Satyr. Karsin was no exception.

Karsin admitted to us that this was his first time being with a man. His virgin hole and virgin throat had never been introduced to a big hard cock. So it was quite exciting for us to be the first ones to pop his straight cherry. It is apparent that Karsin is struggling to allow Rock's cock to penetrate him past Rock's thick mushroom head...


Derek is a hot straight guy that we met at a night out on the town. He was fighting with his girlfriend because she was demanding more money from him. We told him about a quick way to earn some hard earned cash.

Because Derek had never been with a guy before we decided it would be best if he couldn't see what was about to happen to him. We wrapped his head in duct tape and unleashed Rock. Rock wasted little time in opening up Derek's hole for a good anal assault. Derek did the best he could to take it like a man but Rock's thick cock forced him to whimper like a pussy boy...


Oh Dani boy! What can we say about this hot, Russian straight stud. He is a 22-year-old college student with a girlfriend who is new to the United States. He has heard that America is the land where dreams can come true. Well we made our Satyr Man's dreams come true. He got to fuck this beautiful young man. Rock wasted little time in filling Dani's straight throat and hole with a big fat cock.

Dani, of course, being new to regular mansex, gags and chokes on our manmeat but he gives it the good old college try. He slurps and licks Rock's thick member just like a straight guy. If you stop and think about it, this is not something that Dani does in his everyday life. I guess the big wad of cash we gave him the motivation to open himself up from both ends...


Gianni has been going through some rough times with his girlfriend. She has a pretty good job and has been able to keep up her end of the bargain with regards to paying the bills. Gianni, on the other hand, has been jumping from job to job trying to find his niche. He answered our ad for straight guys in need of some cash. We wanted to pair him up with Rock to see what would happen.

Incredible is the only word that describes the scene between Gianni and Rock. Rock did a number on Gianni that has to be seen. Rock begins with his signature throatfucking...



It has been about 2 years since we last saw Ian. We had fucked him for the very first time. As you guys may recall he was whimpering and crying to the point that we had to just stuff our big cock into his mouth just to keep him quiet.

This time, as usual, Ian found himself in a desperate situation. He was short on cash and could find no other way than to offer his throat and hole up once again. We, of course, made quick time to get inside that sweet hole of his. What is odd about Ian, although he says he is now bisexual he still seems to be in agony anytime he has a cock up his hole...


Rock gets throatfucked by straight man, Gabriel. Gabriel shoves his dick deep down Rock's throat. Rock tries his best to swallow the cock. Gabriel then flips Rock on his back and face fucks him some more. Gabriel spins Rock around and rams his cock deep into Rock's hole. Rock yells in agony as Gabriel is determined to loosen up Rock's sphincter for the ass assault to come.

Rock is looking pretty amazing these days as he hired a personal trainer and has lost 30 lbs. Gabriel alternately fucks Rock in his quivering butt hole and them shoves his cock deep down Rock's throat...


Luke is hot, straight stud that we met in Phoenix. He was working as a security guard at a hotel that we were staying in. We threw a lot of money at him and convinced him to come to LA to become a Satyr. He has a girlfriend who believed that he was going to LA to audition for a part in a movie.

We of course did give him the part of being throatfucked by Rock. He agreed only if we would not let his girlfriend know and he could throatfuck Rock in what we believe was really a revenge throatfuck. Rock wasted no time in opening Luke's straight throat. Luke clearly struggles as Rock stuffs his fat cock down Luke's throat. Luke is gasping for air as he attempts to accommodate our Satyr's thick, juicy member...


Chad Rock is a bridge builder from the Bay area. We met him in San Francisco at a nightclub where he was working as a doorman during his night job. He is sexy, married straight man who is truly gay for pay. We offered him a ton of money to get him to join us in one of our films. We were so lucky to have been able have cast him first in Cum Filled Manholes 3 where he took a real pounding from Rock Bottom. Rock filled Chad's ass with stainless steel hooks, a ball and chain as well as with his own thick cock.

Rock starts the attack with an intense throatfucking just to get Chad all loosened up. Chad gasps for air and can barely take Rock's perfect man meat down his throat. At several points it appears that Chad may actually pass out. His face is flushed and his eyes are filled with tears as Rock hammers Chad's face. Rock has a field day with Chad and totally abuses him in as many positions as possible...

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